Vanna Bardot & Queenie Sateen – Room Switcheroo

Actuality Kings – Vanna Bardot & Queenie Sateen

When her roomie is away, Vanna Bardot will play, and the school woman pushes up her prime and skirt to play along with her perky little boobs and rub her pussy, even humping a pillow. She hurriedly fixes her garments when she hears her roommate, Queenie Sateen coming again, however Queenie brings her BF Alex Jones into the dorm, ties a sock across the doorknob, and kicks Vanna out! Vanna has to get her revenge, so she waits for the suitable second, then when Queenie and Alex go away, Vanna runs in, strips down, and hides her face below a pillow to attend. Alex returns and fucks her tits, then Queenie finds her man deep in her roommate’s pussy! Queenie makes certain to indicate Vanna who’s boss, and the women lick one another earlier than sharing Alex’s face and cock until Queenie squirts!