Lexi Luna & Leana Lovings – Grown-Up Discuss

Mommy’s Lady – Lexi Luna & Leana Lovings

Lexi Luna is simply cleansing up after a haunt sesh together with her gal-pals when she notices her stepdaughter, Leana Lovings, eyeing her from close by. Lexi is shocked, hoping that Leana wasn’t eavesdropping on her and her associates’ grown-up speak… Nevertheless, Leana assures Lexi that she wasn’t, although she actually appears a bit conflicted as she helps her stepmom end cleansing up.
After a number of extra moments, it’s clear that Leana has one thing on her thoughts. One thing she simply HAS to ask. She turns to her stepmom and asks her what the phrase ‘pussy’ means. Lexi is shocked, and much more shocked when she realizes that Leana HAD overheard their grown-up speak in any case. Nicely, with the cat out of the bag, Lexi decides that it’s time she teaches her stepdaughter concerning the birds and the bees. She sits Leana down on the sofa subsequent to her, hoping to rigorously illuminate her naive stepdaughter about a few of the extra intimate facets of grownup life.
However as Lexi talks to Leana about intercourse, Leana’s questions find yourself going to a spot that Lexi didn’t count on. It turns into clear that not solely is Leana considering lesbian intercourse, however she’s considering doing it together with her horny stepmom! Lexi tries to speak Leana out of it, however can’t deny her rising arousal for her stepdaughter both. Quickly sufficient, Lexi provides in to Leana’s request, and the 2 of them have playful, exploratory intercourse.