Lexi Lore – Tentaclement

Hentaied – Lexi Lore

Lexi Lore was eagerly visiting a brand new fertility clinic in sunny California, hoping it could fulfil her desires of turning into a mom. She undresses after which patiently waits on the examination desk for the physician to reach. Out of the blue, to her shock, she felt one thing slithering below the desk. Earlier than she may react, tentacles emerged and commenced to wrap themselves round her ft and legs, immobilizing her. Instantly, one of many tentacles begins rubbing after which penetrating her tight pussy. At first, she is scared, however quickly her fears are changed with a distinct feeling: pleasure. With every thrust, she is pushed nearer and nearer to the climax and at last, she has an intense orgasm whereas one of many tentacles give her an enormous creampie…

Models: Lexi Lore