Dee Williams & Sophia Burns – Rigidity At The Desk

Mommy’s Woman – Dee Williams & Sophia Burns

Dee Williams is seated at a desk, studying a romance novel. She will get aroused by the steamy story, and begins discreetly masturbating below the desk. Dee is sort of caught by her stepdaughter, Sophia Burns, who enters and asks if she will be able to do her schoolwork on the identical desk. Dee welcomes her, relieved that she wasn’t caught.
Sophia places on her earphones and will get to work on her laptop computer, whereas Dee resumes studying. However Sophia begins to get tired of the college project, and decides to take a naughty little break by discreetly watching porn on her laptop computer. Dee continues to get aroused by her ebook, whereas Sophia will get turned on by the porn she’s watching. Unbeknownst to one another, Dee and Sophia start masturbating below the desk.
As Dee and Sophia proceed to masturbate with increasingly more abandon, Sophia by accident causes her earphones to unplug from the laptop computer, ensuing within the audio from the porn scene she’s watching to play out loud. Dee is so stunned on the noise that she jumps up, revealing that her panties have been pulled down! They understand that they had been BOTH masturbating, and Dee admits they will’t actually be upset about it in the event that they had been each doing the identical factor. However what they CAN do is fulfill one another’s sexual cravings!