Amirah Adara & Misha Cross – Sunlit Ambitions

Blended X – Amirah Adara & Misha Cross

Within the shadows of time, Misha, an historic vampire who has traversed the centuries,harbors ambitions of setting up an empire that rivals any seen earlier than.Possessing unfathomable intelligence, she yearns to ascertain her dominion over the vampire world.But, regardless of her wishes, Misha Cross is confined to a perpetual existence shrouded in darkness,endlessly denied the straightforward pleasure of feeling the nice and cozy contact of daylight.
Pushed by this unquenchable longing, she hatches a daring plan:to create a revolutionary skincare firm that provides a particular physique lotion,enabling vampires to as soon as once more bask within the solar’s radiance, and stay as mortals do.Without end frozen in her youthful look since being changed into a vampire at a young age,Misha possesses a fascinating magnificence that mirrors her insatiable ambition.She seeks to proliferate her vampire line, aiming to form the long run along with her personal progeny.Because the revered proprietor of this famend firm, Misha skillfully advertises everlasting youth,amassing huge wealth and success.
Aiding her in her endeavors is Amirah Adara, a trusted ally and lover.Collectively, they scour the world for proficient people to affix their trigger.It’s throughout this search that they uncover Kelly,a younger and pushed magnificence fanatic infatuated with the attract of lotions and elixirs.Amirah headed to choose up Kelly, however her vampire starvation overwhelmed her,resulting in a tragic end result. When she returned to her Boss, a mixture of shock and anger surfaced,but an sudden surge of affection for Amirah’s insatiable craving additionally emerged inside her.